luxury living in the buff...outdoor showers & open-air baths

luxury living in the buff...outdoor showers & open-air baths

If you have never used an outdoor shower, you are missing out on one of life's little pleasures.  There is just something about showering out in the open air; maybe it's the communing with nature or the thrill of possibly being seen. Whatever the reason you should at least try it once.

Growing up my family always rented a beach house in Sandbridge, VA; just south of Virginia Beach. If my memory serves me well, I think we had two outdoor showers. They were nothing fancy, but they did the trick of rinsing the sand off of at least nine kids. I'm the youngest of 3, and my family would rent the house along with my aunt and uncle and my two cousins. All the kids would bring friends. I still can't quite figure out where we all slept. 

benefits of an outdoor shower 

Outdoor showers are a necessity for any pool house, beach house, lakefront cabin, river cottages and any tropical retreat. There are convenient and reduce the chances of people tracking sand and mud into your home. They make it so easy to cool off on a hot day, and it's a great spot to clean off kids and our four-legged friends. Most outdoor showers tend to be large enough for two. Thus they make for a lovely place to spend some time with your significant other under the stars. 

Here are a few wonderful outdoor showers and open-air baths. Enjoy!

The wooden chair in this shower is amazing. This hotel is in Portugal, and this is just one of its many luxury amenities. If you have some time to waste check it out. It is unbelievable! Google should translate the website for you, so no need to know Portuguese.

It may be hard to see in the photo below, but there's a pivoting door between the inside rain shower and the outside shower. Check out the totally cool outdoor shower fixture!

Here's a link to a similar shower fixture from the picture above.

I love the simplicity of this outdoor bathroom.  The white paint keeps it clean and open, and the hanging lantern is to die for.  If you have some time check out this fantastic architect. Everything that I've seen so far of their work I've fallen in love with.

Technically the bathroom below is not outdoors, but it might as well be with that full wall of glass.  How amazing is this view! I love the warm brass fixtures against the dark stone.