Quick Design

Quick Design


This design package is a fun, fast-paced 90-minute in-home personalized consultation where we will address all your design questions. During this time you can seek advice regarding furniture selection and placement, lighting, paint color, bookcase styling and much more.

Before I leave we'll go over all the design issues we discussed and the options you have to solve them and move forward with your design project.

During our time together if we conclude that you have more design issues than what we can addressing in our short time together than you may want to consider investing in my Full-Service Interior Design.

The Quick Design 90 minutes consultation can transition into a get-to-know-you meeting where we can discuss in more detail your project needs and how my Full-Service Interior Design works. If our time runs, over 90 minutes than my hourly fee will apply.

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Please Take Note:

At this time Quick Design is only offered for residents of Spring Hill, Tennessee and surrounding areas. A travel fee may apply for locations outside a 30 mile radius.

Quick Design consultations are only available as my schedule allows. Time slots are limited. Please check the appointment calendar or contact me directly prior to payment to see if I can accommodate your request.

***We only have 90 minutes together! We can cover a lot of territory during that time, but even Wonder Woman can’t design an entire home in that amount of time.***